The EWangbang Podcast

Episode 32 - Wangbangin’ Motivation Feat. George Wu

July 10, 2018

The EwangBang Podcast gets a new guest! As 6 members of the EWangBang family begin our ambitious journey to run a combined 2019 miles from now until the end of the year (while raising money!), listen to blogger George Wu and I discuss the super-human David Goggins, the importance of motivation, self-discipline, and reflections on how our upbringing with Asian parents affected us. All in the while, reflecting on our glory years past of playing Starcraft, learning musical instruments, and our own commitments that we may or may not have been able to maintain over the years.

George does an amazing job providing new perspective on self-motivation and discipline, explaining that developing the discipline itself is in its own way the reward. Check out the blog that inspired this episode, as well as this exercise project that we have decided to undergo. -