The EWangbang Podcast

Episode 21 - Wangbangin’ Spartan Races

March 25, 2018

I joined Tan and the Nguyen Clan recently in participating in a Spartan race. Hear Tan and I recount our motivations for doing the Spartan race, our thoughts on physical fitness in our adult lives, our wildly different methods of preparation, and an oral history of us suffering through the obstacles, including the time I stuck my nuts in Tan's face and the time that Lara Croft showed us up. Fun listen for those of you who are considering doing one in the near future, or who have done one before and want to see how similar our experiences were. Enjoy!

Also - for your reference I've provided links to youtube videos of some of these obstacles we discuss during the podcast.

Slip Wall -

Mt. Olympus -

Twister -